A Fantastic Lorem Ipsum Text Generator.

What is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem Ipsum text is simply placeholder (or ‘dummy’) text that is frequently used by designers, publishers, printers and typesetters when developing new content layouts for web and print. While Lorem Ipsum text is mostly gibberish, the standard passage (“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…”) actually contains some coherent Latin excerpts, which appear to have been extracted and randomised from Cicero's ‘De finibus bonorum et malorum’, authored in 45 BC.

While traditional Lorem Ipsum was taken from this specific text, modern Ipsum text will generally be a series of random (but real) Latin words, arranged in a structure to resemble regular sentences and paragraphs.

To achieve passages of text that appear ‘real’, there needs to be sufficient randomisation of the words, sentence length and paragraph size within the text. This is the purpose of the ippy.io generator! We provide a limitless supply of unique, random, and realistic looking Lorem Ipsum text.

Why use Lorem Ipsum?

It may seem strange to use random, nonsense Latin as placeholder text. Why not use coherent content? There is, however, a method to this madness. It’s generally accepted that when trying to evaluate a layout, viewers are inevitably distracted by the content on the page. This makes it difficult to objectively assess the merits of the layout in isolation. he solution? Make the content realistic, yet unreadable. Enter Lorem Ipsum!

Why is it Latin?

As mentioned above, the fact that Latin emerged as the defacto choice for layout design is largely a historical coincidence. You might argue that any language the reader doesn’t understand would be equally fit for this purpose. This is true, however Latin does have a couple of advantages.

Firstly, it is not widely spoken or read - this means it can serve the same purpose as placeholder text for viewers of many different linguistic backgrounds. Secondly, it uses the standard english alphabet. For english speakers, this makes it easier to view the text as ‘natural’, without getting distracted by unrecognized characters.

This is where your generated text will appear. First choose if you’d like to create words, sentences, or paragraphs. Next, enter the quantity you need. Finally, click the ‘Generate Text’ button above, and you’ll instantly get the requested Lorem Ipsum text right here. Enjoy!